Project developer

Future. With security.

Unternehmensgruppe Nassauische Heimstätte | Wohnstadt (NHW) is the biggest provider of apartments to rent and buy in Hesse state. As a body charged with implementing state housing policy, we are a publicly owned company, making us a solid and secure player among Germany’s property developers.

We enjoy our customers’ trust thanks to our reliability, expertise and 100 years of experience. Our innovative strength and sustainable solutions ensure that our properties and apartments provide people with a happy home for the long term.

Our aspiration is to plan, develop and realise neighbourhoods and construction projects that are fit for the future. We are laying the foundations today – with energy-efficient buildings, climate-friendly energy and heating concepts, high construction and technical quality standards, and holistic concepts for the mobility of tomorrow.

As a reliable partner, we offer tangible benefits for future homeowners. NHW sells turnkey apartments – commission-free and for a fixed purchase price. All of the services relating to your purchase are provided from a single source and in professional quality.

Do you have any questions about the owner-occupied apartments, the nuville urban neighbourhood or the Schönhof district? We will be happy to help: