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The perfect match of a qualitiv high life, the attrative side and the many purposes of the Frankfurter West. And also the best transport-connection…

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We keep a close eye on the real estate market and react flexibly to the current market situation.

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The perfect match of a qualitiv high life, the attrative side and the many purposes of the Frankfurter West. And also the best transport-connection…

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Owner-occupied apartments in close proximity
to central Frankfurt:

Where new begins

nuville is a new urban neighbourhood in close proximity to central Frankfurt. Short journeys save you time and open up new possibilities in the heart of the city.

269 exclusive owner-occupied apartments nestled within an urban park, perfectly connected to the lifelines and recreational areas of the big city: nuville gives you space to spread your wings in the new Schönhof district – as an urban neighbourhood, a home, and a safe investment in the future.

karte bockenheim umgebung


Perfectly connected

When it takes just a few minutes to get anywhere, you have more time for everything. Exploring the attractions of the big city. Escaping to the countryside. Discovering new paths.

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Homes with character

nuville is an ensemble of 12 buildings spanning five complexes, each of which interprets urban living with their own special characteristics.

nuville Gebäude Überblick

The Gatehouse (Buildings J, K, L) has access to the neighbourhood’s own courtyard gardens and forms the east side of the central park landscape. It boasts unique views and a prominent position.

The Corner House (Buildings G, H, I) is a classic urban development with apartments facing north-east or south-west. The views of the Taunus Mountains from the upper floors are a particular highlight.

The Courtyard Houses (Buildings M, N, O, P, Q, R) comprise the buildings inside the nuville neighbourhood.The sheltered location in the middle of the courtyard gardens ensures a comfortable and quiet living experience.

NHW Logo

Project developer

Future. With security.

nuville is a new build project by NHW. We are the biggest housing provider in the state of Hesse. As a state-owned company, we are a reliable partner for future homeowners.

With good reason:

  • No sales commission
  • Turnkey apartments
  • Expert contacts
  • Reliable contractual partner
  • Guaranteed fixed price

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High-quality properties for sale in Frankfurt am Main

The nuville urban neighbourhood will be home to high-quality properties with 269 owner-occupied apartments in an ideal location: green yet close to the city, located in the heart of Bockenheim, one of the liveliest and most sought-after areas of Frankfurt am Main.

Properties with a diverse housing mix

The housing mix at our properties in Frankfurt-Bockenheim extends from 1.5-room apartments with 35 m2 of space through to 4-room apartments sized 109 m2. The apartments have generous, open floor plans. 266 of the owner-occupied apartments have a balcony, a roof terrace or a private garden with patio depending on which floor they are on.

We will be happy to provide you with extensive information on our owner-occupied apartments in Frankfurt-Bockenheim and assist you with every aspect of your property purchase.

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